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Stephen#### 07.03.2019 18:12
There’s the apologetic old lady who claims to remember nothing about her girlhood, until Louis Armstrong singing “When the Saints Go Marching In” brings back a flood of specific memories. (Her mom was religious, and Armstrong’s profane music was taboo. She had to sneak off to someone else’s house to hear his records.) There’s the woman with multiple psychiatric disorders and a late-stage cancer diagnosis, who ditches the wheelchair and the walker and starts salsa dancing. There’s the Army veteran who lost all his hair in the Los Alamos A-bomb test and has difficulty recognizing a picture of his younger self, abruptly busting out his striking baritone to sing along with big-band numbers. “It makes me feel like I got a girl,” he says. “I’m gonna hold her tight.” There’s the sweet, angular lady in late middle age, a boomer grandma who can’t reliably find the elevator in her building, or tell the up button from the down, boogieing around the room to the Beach Boys’ “I Get Around,” as if transformed into someone 20 years younger. The music cannot get away from her, she says, as so much else has done.
One physician who works with the elderly tells Michael Rossato-Bennett’s camera, in the documentary “Alive Inside,” that he can write prescriptions for $1,000 a month in medications for older people under his care, without anyone in the healthcare bureaucracy batting an eye. Somebody will pay for it (ultimately that somebody is you and me, I suppose) even though the powerful pharmaceutical cocktails served up in nursing homes do little or nothing for people with dementia, except keep them docile and manageable. But if he wants to give those older folks $40 iPods loaded up with music they remember – which both research and empirical evidence suggest will improve their lives immensely — well, you can hardly imagine the dense fog of bureaucratic hostility that descends upon the whole enterprise.
You may already have seen a clip from “Alive Inside,” which became a YouTube hit not long ago: An African-American man in his 90s named Henry, who spends his waking hours in a semi-dormant state, curled inward like a fetus with his eyes closed, is given an iPod loaded with the gospel music he grew up with. The effect seems almost impossible and literally miraculous: Within seconds his eyes are open, he’s singing and humming along, and he’s fully present in the room, talking to the people around him. It turns out Henry prefers the scat-singing of Cab Calloway to gospel, and a brief Calloway imitation leads him into memories of a job delivering groceries on his bicycle, sometime in the 1930s.

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The horror began Jan. 3 when Boko Haram fighters laid siege to a key military base in Baga, home to a multinational task force. Insurgents overran the base after a fierce gun battle, and the soldiers fled.
Yanaye Grema, 38, a fisherman,?told Agence France-Presse?that he hid for three days between a wall and his neighbors’ house as Boko Haram fighters ransacked Baga. Upon fleeing the town under the cover of darkness, he realized the full extent of the violence.
Some residents of Baga fled by canoe into neighboring Chad, while others swam, some drowning in the attempt. One group of about 1,000 people were stranded on an island in the middle of Lake Chad, hungry and cold, according to the UN’s refugee agency.

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By the time Rihanna showed up, I was annoyed, tired and hormonal. She was more than two hours late for her concert at Tel Aviv’s vast Yarkon Park, where I wandered among tens of thousands of young Israelis, not knowing a soul.

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In his new novel, “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” Gibson taps the vein of our cultural angst where it runs nearest to the surface: millennialism. He returns here to Colin Laney and Rei Toei, as well as to characters from 1993’s “Virtual Light,” which, like “All Tomorrow’s Parties,” is set in NoCal and SoCal (the two states that formerly constituted California) in the not too distant future. In his now familiar collision-course style, Gibson hurtles his cast toward San Francisco and the “cusp of some unprecedented potential for change” — the kind of widespread social disruption everyone had expected way back at the turn of the millennium.
In his first novel, “Neuromancer,” he explored the “consensual hallucination” of cyberspace (he coined the word himself, in a 1981 short story), navigated by hackers and elegant forms of artificial intelligence who appear as ghosts in the machine. “Idoru” (1996) is set in 21st century Tokyo, where Rez, the lead singer in a rock band, becomes engaged to a pop singer named Rei Toei, a synthetic “idoru” simulated holographically by software agents. Rez’s personal security detail hires Net runner Colin Laney, who can detect obscure patterns in electronic data and thereby predict aspects of the future, to ease their worries about the strange nuptials.

The already widely acclaimed “Mad Max” reboot has received glowing reviews not only for its incredible chase scenes, but for centering on the struggle of a group of female characters in a way that — uh-oh — might be construed as feminist. In a recent interview with Esquire, actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley confirmed that famed “Vagina Monologues” playwright Eve Ensler had even been tapped as a consultant for “Mad Max: Fury Road,” lending a bit of feminist credibility.
For Clarey, the problem is not just “Mad Max” and its inclusion of women on set and on screen, but the entire Hollywood feminist propaganda machine:
It has.

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